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Welcome to VSF
« on: July 22, 2015, 05:57:47 pm »
I want to be the first to welcome you to the Vape Shop Owner Forum. We created this forum for the simple fact there not any forums that cater to the industry businesses. I have been a member of the other forums for many years and none are exclusive to businesses. Furthermore they are all open to the public, so any sensitive talk about suppliers, marketing or similar subjects are open to all. The entire Shop Owner Discussion (with the exception of this one post) is hidden from the public. We want a place for business owners to go, to help nurture ideas and practices that will help other Vape Shop owners in their local areas. We want to help business owners connect with reputable manufacturers and suppliers. 


The only way a person may join this forum is by invitation or by submitting their company details to us to verify they are in fact a legitimate business. As a new member, and until the forum has matured, you are given the ability to invite other users. Notice the Invites menu at the top. We hope that you are vigilant about inviting other users and make sure that the people you invite are not end users but are in fact related to the vaping business.


In order to eliminate SPAM, if you are a manufacturer or supplier you are not allowed to use any of the Shop Owner Discussion area to promote your business. You may post to the Manufacture Discussion or your sponsored forum.

We hope that this forum becomes a valuable resource for your company.

Jason Jones
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Jason S Jones